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Path Technologies, Inc.
755 Thorobred Knoll Dr.
Westminster, MD 21157

April 26, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

Our firm had a logo professionally created many years ago. Recently, we were in the process of re-launching our website when we began having trouble with our existing logo image file in the context of the new site. The logo colors didn't work well with what we wanted to do and it was not a simple matter to change the color. At that point I began discussing the need with Bill McCann. Bill jumped into the project with great energy, experience and understanding of what needed to be done. He quickly and accurately recreated our logo and began presenting different options as to color, presentation, opacity and other variations. I was introduced to the fact that Bill is very well versed in not only stand alone graphics, but the integration of graphics into the web presentation, web colors and themes, layout and web spacing, etc. In essence, Bill has a very good eye and understanding of website design.

In the end we procured Bill's services and his help made the completion of our website quick, easy and much more professional looking - all at a very reasonable fee. I highly recommend Bill's services and if you have any further questions on our satisfaction with his work please feel free to contact me directly.

Russell B. Baker
Vice President, Path Technologies, Inc.

Path Technologies logo


Client Testimonials:
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Pixel Art: Graphic design which focuses on visual communication and presentation. Pixel art is digital, involving the use of computer technology in a variety of ways.
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