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Time Stands Still.

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Recently I had the opportunity to work with Mr. McCann regarding a graduation gift. My daughter was graduating from law school and I needed assistance in preserving my grandfather's Immigration Papers. I was looking to have them copied, matted and framed. Mr. McCann was referred to me by the framing department at Joannes.

Mr. McCann was very confidential and professional. We had several meetings, all of which were on time. Additionally when I turned over the document I was a bit hesitant, as it is extremely extremely valuable to my family history. Mr. McCann assured me he would return the document the very next day. He promptly emailed me and I was able to pick up the document as promised. All of our follow up meetings were timely. We reviewed the document prior to my final approval.

In my personal dealings with Mr. McCann I have found him responsible, caring, and confident. I would most definitely recommend him for future projects. I could not be happier with our outcome.

Janet Donelson




Client Testimonials:
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