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81 Years On.

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Recently I was going through some family photos when I came across an 81 year old picture of my dad and his twin brother, taken when they were all of five years old. It's a small black and white photo that's in horrible condition but it's also the only picture I have of my dad as a kid, so it's special to me a number of ways.

I contacted Bill to see what he could do with the picture. My sister and I were completely astounded when we saw the results. Bill took a severely damaged photo and made it look as though it was taken that same day.

Bill McCann is a pixel wizard. I would recommend him to anyone looking for help with photo restorations, graphic design and / or photography.

Thank you,
Joyce E. Vasquez





Client Testimonials:
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Pixel Art: Graphic design which focuses on visual communication and presentation. Pixel art is digital, involving the use of computer technology in a variety of ways.
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