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Bel Air Construction, Inc.

Bel Air Construction, Inc. Logo

I approached Bill after founding Bel Air Construction, Inc. to see about development of a logo for my new business. Our logo, designed by Bill, has been in use for the better part of 30 years. It's featured on our showroom sign, throughout our website, on our vehicles and job site signs, on our business cards and forms, company stationery, direct mail pieces, on calendars… the list goes on and on.

Unlike many businesses which seem driven to update their image, our logo has remained the same since day one… but for one exception and that was the addition of color, otherwise what Bill designed back then remains the symbol of Bel Air Construction to this day.

In addition to creation of our logo, over the years Bill has also assisted us with a number of promotional materials including sales letters, flyers and production of our company stationery.

Michael Watts, Owner, Bel Air Construction, Inc.

Contact Michael:
Toll-Free: 1-888-557-1BAC
Fax: 410-557-9859


Client Testimonials:
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