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20 May 2015

Today's topic: 2015 Camera Bag: Chapter 3


Looks like an ordinary case for glasses and it was...


What's in your device?


Repurposed space for my iPhone's accessories. I call it my 2015 Camera Bag.


What's in your device?


Here's what's in my 2015 camera bag… and there's room for more.


What's in your device?


#1 is a remote shutter release. It permits me to trigger the shutter of my iPhone's camera (still and video) without actually touching the phone, eliminating the possibility of camera wobble when used in conjunction with a tripod. Camera wobble can and usually does ruin an otherwise acceptable shot because even the slightest camera movement can blur focus.

I like to shoot with available light and use flash only when necessary. Flash can create hard and harsh shadows and often exaggerates shapes and contours (highlights) with intense, directional reflections. That's because camera mounted flash is a single source of light that has to be in close proximity to the photo's subject in order to illuminate it. You can easily demonstrate this effect for yourself by photographing a distant subject outdoors at dusk with your camera's flash switched on.

One could argue that our only source of natural light, the sun, is likewise a single source of light. That's true. The obvious differences between the two is the distance light has to travel and the size of each. The effect sunlight has on how we see our surroundings is different than a sudden burst or flash of light emitted by a camera because the sun's light covers a much broader area due to its size and our proximity to it. Sunlight is reflected by everything it illuminates including the subject of your photo whereas flash is shedding light directly on your subject and nothing more. It's the difference between the light at the end of the tunnel and stepping out of the tunnel into the light.

I like close up photography because it subtracts distractions. Your focus is directed to the subject, not its environment or surroundings. Because camera wobble or movement is more noticeable in close up photography, being able to take multiple shots without ever tapping the screen of your phone's camera is an added plus.

Those are my reasons for carrying a remote shutter release in my camera bag. And while I mentioned it works with video as well I trust you can imagine how it takes the shakes and jumps out of video. You can give yourself a headache attempting to watch shaky video recorded with an unsteady hand held device, but why?

Until next time...


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