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27 April 2015

Today's topic: 2015 Camera Bag: Chapter 1

Once upon a time everything was big. Little things, even ordinarily impossible to see little things like molecules were a big thing when we first got to see them.

If you believe anything and everything you read or hear, personally I don't, but if you do then you've probably heard about lots of 'bigs' including but not limited to big air, big apple, big band, big bang, big brother, big bucks, big business, big cheese, big daddy, big easy, big fish, big guns, big hair, big league, big money, big mouth, big shot, big stick, big ticket, big time… just to name a few.

This blog entry isn't about big. That was once upon a time. This is now, specifically, this is April 2015. In time it is very probable that the subject of this missive will turn out to be no big deal. My musings about today's modern marvels will become dated and out of step with the 'here and now' during which you read this, but for the moment, even though everything is in flux, consider something as ordinary and potentially boring as a camera bag.

I remember my first. It was home to a Polaroid SX-70. That particular camera didn't really require a bag but if you were always at the ready for whatever photo opps may come your way then you needed to have a place to stash your prints and your instant film… at least a few or perhaps several boxes if your were hard-core. Unlike 35mm photography you couldn't get up to 36 exposures from a single box / roll of film. More like 10.

While my interest in photography grew over the years I never became a 'collector' of cameras but I did acquire a modest range of accessories for my first and only 35 mm SLR, a Pentax K1000. I loved that camera and while I no longer have it in my possession it has stayed in the family, now with my son, as are all the gadgets, accessories including filters, lenses and the bag. I don't have a photo of the actual bag but it very much resembles the big beige one depicted in the photo below.


2014 - 2015 Camera Bags


A few years ago my son gave to me a small digital camera that was quite capable of taking 'the big picture' yet compact enough to fit in my pocket. And then in 2014 he did it again by giving to me my first smart phone, an iPhone 6, as a gift. That's what this and my next few blog entries are all about.

Until next time...


2015 Camera Bag   1    2    3

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