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19 December 2014

Today's topic: The Righteous Clique of Apple: Chapter 2

Previously in 'The Righteous Clique of Apple'...

Plans were announced to tell a few stories about Apple 'right clicks' and an apology was offered for sensationalizing the subject of my blog while setting the stage for a horror story of computing proportions. Act I, Scene I concluded with the prospect of a road trip to the Apple Store. Highlights of the 'episode' included a couple of tech-laden anecdotes, prequels if you will to what follows....

As we resume our narrative we hear Bill say, 'All computers are created equally.'

Bet you never thought you'd hear an Apple fan say that. They're all made of the same stuff, that makes them fundamentally equal and yes, there are different grades of glass, plastic, metal and whatever else goes into producing a computing machine but at the end of the day that's what a computer is... a machine. What makes one different from another is how it operates and that's a function of the philosophy or thinking behind it.

I didn't say all computers are designed equally... that's rather obvious, but some of the stuff that went into making yours may well be what constitutes bits of mine even though your 'brand' isn't mine. As a for instance, USB connectivity is a feature of just about every contemporary computer no matter what brand it may be.

Without getting sidetracked I'd like to invite you to check out the history of USB: because it bears out how Apple embraced USB from the beginning. My first iMac was produced about a year after USB was designed and featured 2 USB ports. This new means of connectivity quickly became part of Apple's product line and remains so to this day. So? So I mention USB here in answer to Apple naysayers.

Like a snowball rolling downhill, gathering size and momentum along the way, naysayers unite! Building on the bad there's little if any room for affirmative thought or speech. Lacking an informed opinion, people tend to believe and repeat what others think especially when they trust the people whose opinions they parrot.

Repeating the opinions of others without testing the veracity of what they say can get you into trouble, likewise it can lead people to believe that what you say is your opinion when in fact you may be genuinely clueless... and that can get them into trouble. Better to lack an opinion than to erroneously speak out. Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

Why the side trip? Because I'm not a fan of the herd mentality or prejudice or naysaying unless its well founded. Not all prejudice is bad. I can hold fast to the notion that all cliff edges are dangerous, that I should never stand right on the edge of one... that doesn't make me anti-cliff, does it? The herd mentality isn't always wrong for similar reasons.

So what about naysaying? It doesn't matter if we're talking about Apple or oranges, the principle remains the same. Naysaying, like positive and supportive speech, holds the power to persuade. Problem solving can be about choosing the lesser of two evils. It can also be about making the best better. It's all in how you approach the problem.

No amount of evidence will sway someone's opinion unless they are willing to accept it. The point is, if you're attempting to sway the opinion of another stop for a moment and ask yourself, 'What's my motivation?' If it's 'to be right' then hang it up and move on, but if it's to help another solve a problem then your opinion just might matter.

It would be a snap for me to tell you how great Apple products are. A single blog entry would do the trick, but this series is more about a philosophy than a product. It just so happens the product is called Apple. You may find that hard to believe. If you do, ask me about my first ever exposure to ( or contact with ) a PC... and before you go there, PC isn't a brand.

Until next time...

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