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6 December 2014

Today's topic: The Righteous Clique of Apple

Sorry, had to be a bit silly with the title. At some point in this narrative I fully intend to share a few recollections of my personal experiences with 'right clicks' using this, that or the other Apple mouse in addition to other input devices like its trackpads and for that matter maybe even a story or two about 3rd party devices like my fabulous wireless Wacom tablet... but for now please accept my sincere apology for getting you here under false pretenses.

The righteous clique of Apple. That's what lots of folks think of Apple. A bunch of nerdy nuts, a small bunch I would add. Okay, fair enough, I'm sure there are some such users out there and I'm also sure that there are users in other computing camps that are just as passionate about what they do and how they do it. For the moment can we set aside our differences along these lines long enough for me to tell you about my most recent horror story?

It was a dark and stormy night... no, wrong story. Instead I'll just give you the facts.

2011 was the year my first wide-screen computer was assembled, a G5 27 inch iMac, my second iMac... my first was a Bondi Blue G3 made in 1998. Okay Bill, that's enough reminiscing, onto the reason for writing what you are reading...

2+ years of trouble-free computing came to a crashing halt the day before Thanksgiving 2014. If you know me you know how much I love my Macs so it was more than a little disturbing when my most modern marvel of Macintosh technology failed. Weeks prior to this it had been misbehaving more than any Apple product I've ever owned. During that time I became all too accustomed with Time Machine, Apple's built-in backup feature of OS X.

Just before the 'event' I even learned how to create a bootable OS ( short for Operating System ) install disc on an external drive, so in hindsight its safe to say it was only a matter of time before my iMac would return to the store where it was purchased, to the Apple Store in Towson. This return trip in no way resembles the journey of the Salmon which travels back to the very waters where it was born to spawn... come to think of it this return trip may be very much like a Salmon's return home.

This is the first installment in 'The Righteous Clique of Apple' which is to say there's more to come. And it's not all bad. As a matter of fact this 'horror story' has a very happy ending. You may get the impression I'm slamming Apple. I'm not. I'm simply recounting an experience along with some lesser known facts about Apple's history. If you've ever wondered why Bill makes such a big deal out of Apple, specifically Macs, this brief series of blog entries begins to tell the tale.

Until next time...

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