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A series of images exploring what's possible with digital paint. Click any image below to enlarge or see them all as a slideshow.

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Digital Paint

A prototype 3 wheeler merges with a production 4 wheeler to create a brand new concept car, an AutoCycle.

Digital Paint

Virtual paint schemes and some new wheels for a 1985 Mercury Capri.

1969 Thunderbird Reconstruction

1969 Ford Thunderbird reconstruction. Dad's family 'hot rod' remembered.

1933 Custom Ford Coupe

'33 Custom Ford, a work of art on wheels in a new 'virtual' setting.

Remembering Cousin Billy

Remember a loved one in a unique way that you can easily share with others.

Building Blocks for Remembering Cousin Billy

An idea sparked by a single image and a memory.

Raspberry Rush 2014

'Raspberry Rush' is photographed, prepped, relocated and digitally painted.

Raspberry Rush 'Before

'Raspberry Rush' before virtual paint work begins, no editing whatsoever.

Prepped for new 'paint'.

Surroundings painted out. 'Rush' digitally resprayed. Ready for new virtual paint.

Raspberry Rush 'Euro II' scheme.

One of a range of options. See more here.

Raspberry Rush 'Che Deco' scheme.

My favorite of the range. See them all in a slide-show here.

On my screaming night hog.

Minor Alterations = Major Improvements to this photo of my favorite ride.

Screaming night hog (Before)

Untouched photo, just as it looked the night I snapped the picture.

Screaming night hog (After)

Subject remains untouched... but the same can't be said of its surroundings.

Red Vette 'Reset'

Classic red Corvette is reset into the same surroundings with a few virtual additions.

Red Vette Reset (Before)

Remember those puzzle books where you were presented 2 pictures...

Red Vette Reset (After)

... and you had to figure out all the things that were different between them?

Now You See It. Now You Don't.'

Local Wawa parking lot gets a virtual power-washing and a new sign.

Now You See It. Now You Don't (Before)

Buddy, you might want to move your ride before we power-wash... it could get messy.

Now You See It. Now You Don't (After)

How about that? The lot is clean. Some new paint applied. Nice job.

Careful What You Wish For.

Careful what you wish for... you just might get it. No genie required.

Careful What You Wish For (Before)

You know you got it right when you show someone "Before' and 'After" photos...

Careful What You Wish For (After)

...and they can't tell which is which. Okay, so these are labelled, but can you tell?

'Electric' Black Raspberry Rush

Electric Black Raspberry. 1 of 13 shemes. See them all in a slide-show here.

Rush Morp

The final still from an animation depicting Raspberry Rush as it morphs from a stock pick-up truck into a top fuel monster in 4 seconds. Click here.

More on the way!

Here's my card...

My card...

Questions, comments, suggestions? Send me an email contact me via my feedback form or call 410.652.0046. And thanks for stopping by!
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