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1 August 2012

Today's topic: Scrolling

Scrolling. Don't like it, never have, doubt that I ever will. Unlike a printed publication with fixed page dimensions, margins, columns, etc., the web is fluid and in a continuous state of flux. I'm not a fan of run-on pages anymore than Mrs. Atkin (one of my high school English teachers) was a fan of run-on sentences. I cringe sometimes as a page loads and the scroll bar all but disappears.

I'd imagine its easier to dump everything into one page, just keep adding more content wherever you like, but the result can be overwhelming to take in. We aren't destroying any trees here folks. Web pages don't exist in a tangible three dimensional way like the printed page. So why not show some initiative, be creative and give consumers a break from web page overload?

There are so many ways to break the monotony. A simple Next > text link placed in a sensible position on a page can double as a place keeper for your reader. Browser Menus have come a long way in the past few years and can be configured to easily navigate through lengthy documents.

And when it comes to pictures there are a bunch of rather cool options for displaying multiple images on a single page with no scrolling whatsoever. The bottom line is that a smaller page loads faster. By a smaller page I am referring to a page with minimal content. I could go on about this particular pet peeve but enough is enough.

That's my philosophy and I trust you will see it in practice throughout my site... except here, in my blog. If not, call me on it. That's why I have a Contact page.


Until next time...

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