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22 August 2012

Today's topic: Hold

"Hold" has to be one of the most spoken words in the land. Basically it means to grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands.

And then there are seemingly countless variations and adaptations, like holding the bag (or baby), holding your breath, get hold of someone/something, hold someone/something at bay, hold someone/something dear, hold fast, hold the fort, hold one's ground, hold someone's hand, holding hands (two or more people), hold someone/something harmless, hold one's horses, hold the line, hold one's nose, hold one's own, hold one's peace, hold the stage, hold sway, hold someone to bail, hold one's tongue, hold someone/something to ransom, hold true, hold up one's head, hold water, no holds barred, on hold, take hold, holding someone back, hold something against, hold back, hold something down, hold forth, hold off, hold on, hold out, hold something out, hold something over, hold together, hold someone/something up and hold with, which is perhaps one of the least used "hold" phrases.

The song "Hold On" from the 1983 album entitled 90125 by Yes is one of my favorites. What follows is an excerpt of the lyrics...

"Hold on
Maybe the answer's looking for you
Hold on
Hold on
Take your time
Think it through
Yes I can make it through"

"Maybe the answer's looking for you" is without a doubt my favorite line from "Hold On" which as you may have guessed is one of my favorite songs. How often do we overcomplicate matters by refusing to wait? Instead we press on, adding layers of confusion that get in the way when it all goes wrong, only later to regret not leaving well enough alone. If the answer is looking for you then you must give it time to find you. Running helter-skelter... trying this, that or the other often does little more than waste time. Unless a matter is of a critical nature, one that requires immediate action, isn't it better to turn your attention to something else? Often and when I least expect it, the answer will pop into my head. Truth be told, it was there all along. I just didn't see it.

Were we sitting face to face right now and I were to ask you, "What are some of the most significant breakthroughs or advancements man has ever made?" What would you say? For me, computer technology would be toward the top of the list. I'm amazed at the continual miniaturization of both the devices we use to compute AND the devices or drives we use to store what we create with computers. That'll be the subject of another blog... but remember this, as clever as the human race may be, there isn't a single element used in the manufacture of personal computers today that wasn't here on Mother Earth 50 years ago when the microchip was invented. Sometimes a breakthrough is more of a repurposing than a discovery.

So what's broken through with a breakthrough? Usually the way we look at a problem or perhaps how we envisage the solution. Sometimes we break through the barrier that shrouds the answer. Other times the answer finds us and breaks through a wall of misunderstanding in such a way that it all suddenly makes sense.... it just pops into our head.

BTW, perhaps my least favorite form of "hold" is to be put on it. Now there's a pedestal I'd like to avoid.


Until next time...

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