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14 October 2013

Today's topic: Digital Revolution Evolution: Chapter 5

As we press on to new horizons in our quest to digitize reality in as many ways as we possibly can, I thought it might be amusing if not enlightening to pause momentarily and reflect on where we are in the midst of this digital evolution.

Lots of amazing advancements have been made within the past few years and some of them are changing the way we think, feel and live. But it hasn't all been smooth sailing or 'up, up the ziggurat, lickety-split!' to quote one Arnold Rimmer. There have been advancements and setbacks, so in no particular order how about a few digital highlights and low lights?

BTW, everyone reading this and breathing at the same time is qualified to share their opinion. Here's mine...

Here's one I trust we all can identify with...


Flashing Clock


Need I say more?

The coolest? How about a flashlight app on a cell phone? Ask my son about that one. It was just after dusk and as I parked my car I heard a rather odd sound come up from under it. I got out, looked on the ground beneath it but could see nothing. At that very moment as my son reached into his pocket he simultaneously announced that he had a flashlight app on his cell phone. The app overrides the split-second timer of the phone's camera flash, turning it into a brilliant flashlight. Within seconds we determined that the sound was nothing more than a bit of tree branch that had become wedged in my car's chassis and then snapped as I turned my car into where it was parked.

Most forward thinking? Wireless medicine. Eric Topol is a name you may not know but is a name that is well known in medical circles. Just below is a video about his contributions to the cause.



When you have 9 minutes free to consider a resource that could literally change your life or the life a loved one or friend, watch this video. I know that sounds like a worn out sales pitch but before you dismiss it consider the fact that I have nothing to gain by sharing the story here.

If you're too busy to watch it right now. Bookmark this page, it isn't going anywhere, so as long as the video remains on YouTube it will be accessible here.

I'm a Mac geek and as such was pleased to see a 27" iMac on Dr. Topol's desk and to learn that a lot of the medicine he practices involves the iPhone, but this is more than some sci-fi pie in the sky what if and some day in the future story... this is real and it's happening right now. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

What's the dumbest combination of digital and non-digital technologies? Have you got one you'd like to nominate? Send it via my Contact Form and you could win mountains of cash and fabulous prizes... well, not really, but I would give you credit for thinking of such a dumb idea... no wait, that's not sounding the way it was intended. Let's try again, submit your take on the 'dumbest combination of digital and non-digital technologies' and if I publish it here in an upcoming blog, I'll mention your name.

Chances are the ultimate dumbest combination hasn't been created yet. I always like having something to look forward to, don't you? Maybe that'll be the topic of another blog entry for another day...


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