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a Web site on which an individual or group of users produces an ongoing narrative : Most of his work colleagues were unaware of his blog until recently.

verb (blogged, blogging) [ intrans. ]
add new material to or regularly update a blog.

blogger noun

ORIGIN a shortening of WEBLOG.
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12 August 2013

Today's topic: Digital Revolution Evolution

One precedes the other. It doesn't work the other way 'round.

revolution |ˌrevəˈlo͞oSHən|

A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system:

The American Revolution.

In Marxism the class struggle that is expected to lead to political change and the triumph of communism.

A dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people's ideas about it: marketing underwent a revolution.

revolutionism |-ˌnizəm|noun,
revolutionist |-nist|noun

ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French, or from late Latin revolutio(n-), from revolvere 'roll back' (see revolve).


evolution |ˌevəˈlo͞oSHən|

The process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

The gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form: the forms of written languages undergo constant evolution.

In chemistry the giving off of a gaseous product, or of heat.

A pattern of movements or maneuvers: silk ribbons waving in fanciful evolutions.

In mathematics, dated the extraction of a root from a given quantity.

evolutional |-SHənl|adjective,
evolutionally |-(ə)lē|adverb,
evolutionarily |ˌevəˌlo͞oSHəˈne(ə)rəlē|adverb,
evolutionary |-ˌnerē|adjective,
evolutive |-ˈlo͞otiv|adjective

ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Latin evolutio(n-) 'unrolling,' from the verb evolvere (see evolve). Early senses related to physical movement, first recorded in describing a tactical "wheeling" maneuver in the realignment of troops or ships. Current senses stem from a notion of "opening out" and "unfolding," giving rise to a general sense of 'development.'


About to embark on a journey sparked by another's blog. It's too soon to reveal any details because I first want to let the terms "Revolution and Evolution" sink in. This isn't about war and peace or apes becoming human. Don't have time for all of that. This is about the digital revolution and its ongoing evolution in our day to day life.

Stay tuned!


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