Mobile Meter


Sarah is without her sonic lipstick in this 9 part audio series which precedes The Sarah Jane Adventures television serial. Her mobile phone is the most advanced piece of technology at her disposal (and the obvious icon for sizing up each episode) as she crusades against all manner of injustice, evil, terrorism, crime, tyranny and the occasional monster while she saves the planet and protects its future.

Answers to the following 5 questions determine what rating an episode receives:

  1. The Players: How well are the characters fleshed out?
  2. The Plot: Does the script come to life or does it have to be explained to us?
  3. The Period: Is the story time-locked with a limited shelf life or is it timeless? Higher marks for a story-line that's likely to remain relevant in future.
  4. The Places: How well does the audio environment or soundscape stand up?
  5. Plausibility: Is there a reasonable balance of fact and fiction?


A 5 MOBILE METER rating is as good as it gets.